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Orbridge is a travel company that partners with Alumni Associations to book tours.
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the challenge

  • Business processes and information management systems were inefficient, cumbersome and needed to be automated.
  • Needed a flexible ongoing product development partnership, rather than multiple full-time staff members.

the solution

  • Improved test coverage from 0 to 80% while reducing technical debt applying SOLID principles.
  • Migrated current Javascript functionality to AngularJS.
  • Created custom add-ons for ExpressionEngine then updated it from version 2 to version 3.5.4.
  • Improved server side architecture by splitting responsibilities into standalone servers.

the impact

  • Improved partner relations thanks to information being more easily shareable, reliable, and timely.
  • Contract management and booking agreements were improved due to automation and elimination of audits, training manuals, and trivial tasks.
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