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  2. We act like members of your team.
  3. We care about your users.
  4. Every project is unique for us.
  5. We practice open & honest communication.


Tango’s option to have embedded UI and visual design resources has been key to driving the polish that is often lacking in offshore developed software.

Welldrive CEO Brian Chapman

Brian Chapman

CEO & Founder at Welldrive

The team I work with at Tango is the most pleasant and upstanding that I’ve worked with during my entire career, anywhere. They have fantastic attitude torward their work and their client.

Waypoint Health CEO Brett Coleman

Brett Coleman

CEO at Waypoint Health

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Product scalability and acceleration

What we do:

  • Clear product strategy.
  • Technical debt reduction.
  • Scalable architecture.


  • An effective way of working.
  • A more efficient product.
  • Better customer experience.
  • Time to focus on Strategy.

Minimum viable product creation

What we do:

  • Understand business logic.
  • Create a Product Roadmap.
  • High ROI features.


  • Functional product with every iteration.
  • Prove the biz idea.
  • Facilitate the funding attraction process.

Sourcing dedicated developers / team

What we do:

  • Staffing/contingency recruiting.
  • Instant access to a 30k Latam network.
  • TN visa recruitment.


  • Save time & effort of recruiting.
  • Sr. talent at cost of a Jr.
  • Right person for the right job.
  • Fly your team up or visit them.

our capabilities

Tango's wep apps and design capabilities

web apps & design

  • Responsive Web
  • Mobile Backend
  • Data Visualization Identity Design
  • Maintenance
  • UX/UI Design
Tango's strategy capabilities


  • Architecture analysis
  • Timeline & budget mgmt Business scaling consulting
  • Gamification
  • Research
Tango's development capabilities


  • API design &development
  • Facebook Apps E-commerce
  • Server management
  • Custom Analytics HIPAA compliance
Tango's strategy capabilities


  • Agile & Lean Methodologies
  • Real time applications Machine Learning
  • Security and Scalability
  • Dev Ops Microservice architecture
  • Technical debt reduction
Tango's wep apps and design capabilities

recruiting / staffing

  • Tango’s network
  • Job board at US Finding and evaluating candidates

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